Jereco Studios brings customized AV innovation to your home

You’re settled into the recliner in your home theater, popcorn popped, beverage nestled in the LED-lit cupholder, room lights dimmed. With remote in hand, you hit play.

From in-home theaters to wine cellars, today’s homeowners covet lavish amenities. Smart home technologies are at the front of those desires.

The customization of audio and visual integration in homes is much more than a home theater system and surround sound—it is about bringing the industry of artistic entertainment to the modern age.

Design is a critical focal point for integrating these technologies. Jeremiah Slovarp, founder of Bozeman’s Jereco Studios, brings personalized design to the forefront of his business.

“We design AV solutions to fit the needs of any project, residential or commercial; we do it all,” says Slovarp. He’s won 12 Emmys for his work in Sound Engineering and Audio and is nominated this year for four more. “We pride ourselves on custom solutions. ‘Standard’ really isn’t in our vernacular. Each customer is going to have their own customized program based not only on their needs but on their environment—if you can dream it, we can build it.” 

Following the pandemic pause, the audio/video industry has been packed with new tech trends. From AV integration to NFTs, quantum computing and human augmentation (which strengthens a person’s physical and cognitive ability by implanting “wearables”), navigating these trends is an art, particularly with products and services becoming hyper-personalized. Keeping up with technology trends can turn into an overwhelming task with the number of options facing us.

One adage you’ve likely heard from a parent, boss, or your eighth-grade biology teacher is, “Don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions.” And this resonates with Slovarp. During the pandemic, his problem-solving skills kicked into high gear as he pivoted to live-streaming services as a way to connect local organizations and businesses that were otherwise scrambling to stay connected to customers. Slovarp proved that he can always bring innovation to serve the community.

Solutions in the tech world are implemented as a furious pace, posing a risk of product obsolescence before the public is even aware of these new technologies. According to the International Data Corporation, global annual spending will hit a whopping $2.3 trillion this year, which is why Slovarp and his team in Four Corners keep up with technology—so you don’t have to.

“Staying on top of the latest and greatest is what we do,” says Slovarp.

Jereco Studios’ expertise in live events, studio recordings, voice-over work and post-production comes in handy for the customer who wants to go beyond a home theater. The sophistication of AV integration includes personal customization of literally anything that happens in your house: lighting, acoustics, HVAC, alarms, climate systems and window treatments, all controlled by a single centralized unit. Especially appealing to Montana residents is bilevel radiant floor heating set on its own thermostat.

“And if you want the shades to open every morning at 8 a.m., we can do that too,” says Slovarp. “Or we can set it on occupancy sensors so as you walk through the rooms, shades go up only in the rooms you’re in and they go down when you leave.”

Using Crestron, Jereco’s brand of choice, interfaces are programmed individually for each customer based on their specific needs. This includes the potential for actors from major motion pictures to record custom phrases and interact with anyone in a room.

The Jereco design and installation team includes specialized staff with multiple technical certifications in the technology from dealership lines including Yamaha, Crestron, Bose, Dimarzio and Genelec. Your AV solution will be implemented with commitment, attention to detail, and impeccable service with 24-hour response for any support calls. 

As a company moving toward more cost-saving green options with award-winning products designed for residential as well as commercial needs, Jereco Studios is devoted to solutions, not just for the customer, but also for the environment. Slovarp and his team see AV integration as an art and they’re committed to bringing that art into a new era and a better world.

Cover image for the Summer 2022 Issue of Mountain Outlaw