Reaching life’s ‘third mountain’ and the journey of Beqoming.


Azrya Bequer has 34 journals filled to the brim. Inside, she’s poured some of her life’s most intimate experiences, from a drunk driving accident and musings on the fate of humanity, to bad breakups and the time she shed her former name and took on Azrya as her new identity. The ink documents the mistakes, triumphs and evolution of her “Beqoming” journey, the process Azrya and her husband Benjamin Bequer founded, practice and teach.

Together with Benjamin’s equally vulnerable self reflections and businesslike pragmatism, the husband-wife force of nature have written a book, BEQOMING: Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted, outlining this transformative process as they depict deeply personal, emotional and sexual descriptions of what it takes to discover the path of Beqoming: meeting yourself fully and unapologetically, to shake off physical and psychological barriers to become the person you are destined to be.

It’s a journey the Bequers believe called them to guide people through, one they are intimately familiar with and one they hope will transform the way humanity addresses hardships and personal growth. Their vision is that Beqoming revolutionizes humanity.

“We want to have a dramatic impact on the world, and we want Beqoming to be a tool that people come to and are able to more efficiently move through [as] a personal development journey,” said Benjamin, who also goes by the moniker, Bee. “If we can expedite people’s process, that’s really the objective.”

Their book will be joined by a podcast and a six-month online course during which time students will build a heart-centered operating system, an ever-changing blueprint meant to guide you on your individual journey. The Bequers will also join a lineup of speakers during TEDxBigSky, an event spanning January 29 and 30 of 2022. As a part of their talk, Azrya and Benjamin will speak to their use of psychedelics and plant medicine, components Azrya calls “powerful tools.”

“It allows us to strip away the masks,” Azrya says of ayahuasca and other plant medicines. “Most people don’t realize how many masks they are actually wearing, even within their intimate relationships.”

The Bequer’s concept of Beqoming is centered around the purpose of becoming who you are destined to be. Photo by Amir Magal

“We want to have a dramatic impact on the world, and we want Beqoming to be a tool that people come to and are able to more efficiently move through [as] a personal development journey.” – Benjamin Bequer

Azrya, an artist and performer with a decade in the entertainment industry behind her, has a thirst for sharing her experiences with others. Benjamin at a young age embraced a high-powered career as an entrepreneur, raking in revenues in the hundreds of millions, becoming a father and quickly climbing his first mountain of success, a concept outlined by writer David Brooks in his novel, The Second Mountain. Together the two hope that the process of Beqoming allows individuals, businesses and artists to amplify their visions and live to the fullest, an achievement they refer to as the “third mountain.”

The Bequers’ book describes rock-bottom scenarios that many of us find ourselves in at various points in life—the death of a loved one, a traumatic breakup, drug abuse, quitting a job, a feeling of lost purpose. It’s important to recognize these barriers, they explain, and submit to them.

“I think that most people go through the greatest growth during their most challenging times,” Benjamin said. “I don’t think it’s a prerequisite, but think more often than not, that is the situation.”

Beqoming utilizes familiar concepts, such as the idea of being “unfuckwithable” and the “Full Fuck Yes,” or, FFY, which encourage those standing on the precipice of change to surrender and fully feel the experience. It also embraces practices from Shamanism and Buddhism, as well as other wisdom traditions, and integrates, in some cases, the use of plant medicine ceremonies.

The societal benefit of these practices, explains Benjamin, reveals a community that no longer represses fear or emotion, nor do they project unaddressed trauma outwardly. This helps you find beauty in every moment of life, they say, both in joy and grief. This form of humanity experiences the full spectrum of existence.

“Because everyone’s Beqoming journey is completely unique, what’s almost more important than the tool is the intention,” Azrya said. “If the intention is really sincere, that intention and that clarity and commitment to that intention will magnetize all sorts of ideas in your fields. People underestimate the power of a very sincere intention.”

With their intention, the Bequers are guiding readers and students to fearlessly and willingly embrace life; to stay open to the direction the universe is guiding; and teaching that it’s not either, or. It’s yes, and.

Mira Brody is Content Marketing Strategist for Mountain Outlaw magazine and its publisher Outlaw Partners.